Working Time Directive

  1. Change the current regulation in relation to daily rest and daily spread-over to increase the daily spread-over to 16 hours as in the previous Regulation 3820/85/EEC.  This proposal is subject to the provision that the overall daily driving time is not exceeded.
  2. In relation to the 45 hours weekly rest and where the reduced rest of 24 hours is subsequently taken, the balance i.e. 21 hours to be compensated for during a 13 week period rather than the current requirement to complete the balance by the end of the third week.
  3. Restore the requirements on the 12-day derogation set out in the previous regulation 3820/85/EEC with no single trip limitation and no requirement for a weekly rest period and extend the provision of this regulation to include national occasional passenger transport and international services within the E.U.
  4. Allow flexibility in relation to the 45 minute break period after 4.5 hours of driving by allowing drivers to take their full 45 minutes in one tranche or in 3 periods of 15 minutes each.
  5. Review the current requirements on double manning to provide flexibility whereby a double-manned vehicle can be single-manned for at least the first and preferably the last 4.5 hour period of the journey.
  6. Clarification is required as to when derogations are admitted (for example due to delayed flights, road queues, emergency situations and any other situations that can be factually checked) and to make the maximum daily spread-over proportional to the hours spent driving (e.g. the less a driver drives, the longer the daily spread over should be)udge.
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