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Membership comprises coach operators engaged in the business of coach tourism, school transport, private hire or scheduled services.

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The Coach Tourism and Transport Council makes submissions to various Government bodies during the course of each year.

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The CTTC has a number of internal committees across Scheduled Services, School Transport, Private Hire and Coach Tourism who meet regularly with stakeholders.

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The Global Irish Festival Series is a joint initiative between @Failte_Ireland and @dfatirl which aims to encourage diaspora to visit Ireland. The series was showcased to the diaspora community in the UK last week with an event at @IrelandEmbGB in partnership with @TourismIreland

VOLVO Bus tonight in Gotenberg, launched their new 9000 range of Coaches, described as the platform for the Coaches of tomorrow @VolvoBusUK @IrishComms @cttcireland @fleetbuscoach @CILTIRL @Failte_Ireland @Kavanaghcoaches @1Hildegarde @Lynda59250457 @Buseireann

JJ Kavanagh & Sons regrets to inform customers that the 737, 873, 846, and the 129 services will be suspended from Friday 1st July 2022.

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