Application for membership must be made in writing using the official Application Form and shall be signed by the candidate. Applications must be accompanied by a list of the applicant’s vehicles to be approved and the appropriate documentation requested on the application form.

Upon receipt of the completed application form, the Chief Executive will bring the application for membership to the next meeting of the CTTC Council (all members). Every candidate must be proposed by one member and seconded by another member. The proposer and seconder must attend that meeting, but the applicant may not.

Criteria for Membership

Membership comprises of member companies, all of whom shall be bona fide coach operators engaged in the business of coach tourism, school transport, private hire, or scheduled services.

Any operator who fully satisfies the Failte Ireland’s Quality Standards for Coach Tourism Operators shall be eligible to apply for membership.

A minimum of two vehicles must be approved under the star classification system.
One of these coaches must be at least 12 metres in length and the second at least 8 metres in length. Both must be at least 2.4 metres in width and to full coach specification. One of these coaches must be under 4 years old and the other one under 7 years, and must be available for hire at all times for tourism work.

Alternatively a coach operator can be approved if s/he has two coaches of 8 metres in length provided that both vehicles are under 4 years of age, and to full coach specification.


Membership Dues

Membership dues are outlined in the table below. They are paid on a monthly basis by bank transfer, according to the member’s Large Public Service Vehicle (LPSV) fleet size (note: their total LPSV fleet size, not just their coach fleet).

Category LPSV Fleet Size Monthly Dues
1 2-5 €65
2 6-15 €80
3 16+ €90

Application Form

Download Application Form